In 2011 the Illinois legislature amended the Illinois Workers' Compensation Act. The vast majority of the changes benefit the employer and were the result of tremendous pressure by the Illinois Chamber of Commerce and other business groups. Workers, unions and doctors were all tremendously and negatively impacted by the changes. Workers saw their right to choose physicians cut in half; under the old Act they could choose two doctors and the referrals therefrom. Now they can choose only one and the employer can choose the other. If the employee decides he or she doesn’t like the company's choice then the employee is limited to one choice of doctor and all doctors referred from the first choice. So, if the employee chooses a doctor who is unfriendly or uncooperative with the workers' compensation system then it could mean disaster for the worker. Also, every case depends on a doctor's willingness to provide testimony or records. Consult with a lawyer to be certain you pick the right doctor for your situation. Call Law Office of Keith Short 1-800-421-0960 or 618-655-9499

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