Carpal tunnel cases can still be won

This week we received the arbitrator’s decision in a disputed carpal tunnel case.  We won because we were well prepared and our client was equally ready for trial.  Winning cases is common for us.  But, winning a carpal tunnel case in Illinois has become extremely difficult in the last few years.  The legal pendulum has swung much too far to the right.  CTS cases are now extremely difficult to win and the values awarded have been cut by more than half.  Many lawyers are afraid to take on these fights because they might not win…and if they do then they won’t win enough money.  The Law Office of Keith Short isn’t afraid to fight carpal tunnel cases, cubital tunnel cases and other repetitive trauma claim.  If we do our jobs well then we will win enough compensation to make it worth our time and appropriately compensate the client and ensure that all the medical bills are paid.  If we don’t win, we don’t get paid.  So, if you want a law firm that’s not afraid of the fight then call the Law Office of Keith Short.  618-254-0055 or 618-655-9499.

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