Question: Would you let a surgeon operate on you if he only performed surgery once every 3 years? No!

Question: Would you let a pilot fly your plane if he only actually flew once every 7 or 10 years? No!

Question: Should you hire a lawyer if he never actually went to trial in his career? Or a few times ever? No!

Insurance companies and corporations are taking a hard stand in litigation today. The efforts of the "Tort Reform" lobby has effectively turned much of America against lawsuits making a successful settlement or trial verdict less and less likely. One recent study showed that the defense wins 87% of the time in medical malpractice cases. That means that nearly 9 out of 10 plaintiffs who thought they had a great case, walked out of the courtroom with nothing but anger, frustration and broken hearts.

If success in your lawsuit matters to you then hire an attorney who actually tries cases. Many lawyers advertise that they are successful trial attorneys. But if you actually ask tough, direct questions then you might find out that he/she hasn't been to trial in years...or has only a few times in his career...or has never been to trial. The defense lawyers know which plaintiff lawyers are afraid of the courtroom. You should too.

There are big law firms where the entire law firm hasn't had 3 jury verdicts in 10 years. It's not uncommon. What is uncommon is to find lawyers who regularly pick juries and take a case from beginning to end. That's what we do at the Law Office of Keith Short.

In the last 7 years we've litigated 10 jury trials including medical malpractice, nursing home cases, wrongful death, slip and fall cases, products liability, and car accident claims. In the last 21 years Keith Short has tried over 100 workers' compensation claims and handled at least 20 appeals in the Illinois Appellate courts.

We have tried cases in Madison, St. Clair, Jefferson and Greene counties in Illinois. We've tried cases in St. Louis City Court, St. Louis County (settled the day of trial) and even in Phelps County, Missouri. We have represented clients in Federal Court in East St. Louis, Illinois, and the Eastern District of Missouri. And we have litigated cases in Federal Multidistrict Litigation in Cleveland, Ohio.

If you want experience and success...if you want a lawyer who knows how to fight...Call the Law Office of Keith Short

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