What do 92% of lawyers have in common?

                Most lawyers aren’t “trial”… they just claim they are.  Technically anyone with a law license can claim to be a trial lawyer  But, if he/she has only tried one or two jury trials (or none) then it’s a real stretch to call oneself a trial lawyer.  Lawyers should tell the clients how many trials they’ve handled, how often they go to trial and how many they’ve won.  In one study, only 8% of lawyers practicing more than 5 years had tried even 2 cases to verdict.*  EIGHT PERCENT!  I know a whole bunch of lawyers who walk into the courthouse.  They negotiate.  They file motions.  They do discovery.  But they don’t try cases; they settle cases.  That’s their reputations.  Eight percent have the strength, guts and  experience to try your case.  So, if you are seriously injured and you want everything you are entitled to receive under the law, then hire one of the eight percent.  Hire a lawyer with a reputation for real litigation.  Call Keith Short and Associates at 618-254-0055 or visit us at www.siltrial.com

*Honesty is the Best Policy: It’s Time to Disclose Lack of Jury Trial Experience,  Georgetown J. of Legal Ethics, Vol. XXIII, No. 1, Winter 2010.

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