Expanding Criminal and Traffic Legal Services Law Office of Keith Short, P.C. now accepting traffic, DUI and criminal matters

Over the years many of our clients, their families and friends have needed legal representation for all sorts of traffic matters including reckless driving, speeding, failure to wear seatbelt, DUI, etc. Some of the cases we've handled, others we have referred to co-counsel for representation. But, with the addition of Zach Pashea to the firm, we will be accepting clients for traffic and criminal matters. Zach is an aggressive, highly-talented young lawyer who previously clerked with the Madison County Public Defender's office. His former boss at the Public Defender's office highly praised and recommended him to me personally. Since joining the firm Zach has already successfully resolved every traffic and criminal matter assigned to him. He's eager for more.

If you want an aggressive, smart, capable lawyer to represent you in your criminal and traffic matters then call us at 618-655-9499 or email us at Zach@siltrial.com.  Or visit our criminal law page ... (Click here) 

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