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Juries Punish Bad Bosses and Protect Employees who file Workers Compensation Claims. / Los jurados castigan a los jefes malos y protegen a los empleados que archivan reclamaciones de compensación.

In this case, the Plaintiff was a long time employee of Chipotle. She’d received excellent reviews from her employer until she got hurt on the job and filed a Workers’ Compensation Claim. The employer retaliated by “cooking up” some false allegations against its employee and used the false accusations as a pretext for firing her.…
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Why does a plaintiff firm get 1/3? How a plaintiff law firm works.

Someone recently asked why a law firm gets 33% of a settlement in personal injury cases.  It’s a fair question.  First, you have to remember that, unlike divorce, probate, property and criminal lawyers, personal injury lawyers don’t bill by the hour.  We are one of the few professions that doesn’t get automatically get paid for…
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