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Meet Roo Short

We are pleased to welcome our new Head of Security, Roo Short.  Roo was born in Indiana and recently moved to Madison County.  She jumped right into her job, marking her territory in my office...and Dawn's office... and the hallway.  She is short for her height, but we're assured she will grow into 100 lbs…
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How our office is giving back in this time of need

From time to time we, as a community, come together and help those around us. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, many have suddenly found themselves out of work with no definitive end in sight. Many have had to turn to resources provided in the community to help pay their bills and feed their families. Our…
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Keith Short and Associates, P.C.

All seasons bring a change and some are wonderful, others sad but we accept that change is part of life.  So, we are both saddened and hopeful for our friend Jack Daugherty as he leaves the firm.  Jack is heading into a new area career option that covers a host of legal, HR, employment and…
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