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Work Comp Commission reverses decision 3-0 for employee / Comisión de composición de trabajo invierte la decisión 3-0 para los empleados

This is why we never give up and aren’t afraid to litigate every case! The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission unanimously reversed a decision denying benefits. Our client had only worked for the employer about 10 days when he developed bilateral CTS. We aggressively cross-examined their expert and got him to admit that our client had…
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When to hire a lawyer / Cuándo contratar a un abogado

Sometimes legal matters don’t necessarily require you to hire a lawyer. The trick is to know when you need a lawyer, and when you don’t. Sometimes getting this decision wrong can have unfortunate consequences. Recently I had a client who had attempted to negotiate an automobile injury claim on his/her own. The insurance company sent…
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