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Three times former jurors have asked me to represent them

Last year my firm tried a medical malpractice case in St. Clair County.  The outcome was very good for our client.  After the trial we received a lot of compliments from the jurors.  The biggest compliment came a few weeks later when one of the jurors in our case was in a car accident and…
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Car accident? An average lawyer is what the insurance company wants

You've been hurt in a car accident.  It's not your fault, but the insurance company doesn't want to compensate you for your car's damage, your lost wages or your medical bills.  You decide to hire a lawyer.  If it's a pretty straight forward case, most lawyers will get you an average settlement.  That's what the insurance…
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Car Accident Arbitration Trial Nets $25,000.00 Award / 29 de junio: El juicio por arbitraje de accidentes automovilísticos gana un laudo de $25,000.00

Last week, we tried an uninsured motorist case in Madison County.  These cases are first tried before a three-lawyer panel.  Either side can reject the award and have a jury trial.  Prior to arbitration the insurance company offered us $7,000.00 to settle; we wanted $30,000.00.  We politely declined.  The panel awarded us $25,000.00, much closer to…
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