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Not wrong does not mean right / No está mal no significa derecho

A few days ago, a young man brought in a letter he received from his attorney. The letter outlined a settlement that the other lawyer negotiated on his behalf. The young man and his family did not understand how it could be right that the attorney could receive so much while he received so little.…
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The only promises we make / Las únicas promesas que hacemos

Lots of lawyers promote how much money they’ve won for their clients, the justice they’ve delivered or the number of cases they’ve handled. The truth is we do the same thing. It’s part of the advertising necessary to get a potential client’s attention. But there are only two things we promise our clients. We promise…
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Patience + confidence = $1.74 million / Paciencia + confianza = $1,740,000

The Law Office of Keith Short settled a case for $1.75 million. It settled 2 days before trial was to begin. A week before the defendant offered $100,000.00. We declined and refused to counter. Two days later the defense increased their offer to $500,000.00. Again, we refused to counter. Friday morning they upped their offer…
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