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Work comp insurance companies using COVID to deny benefits

Work comp insurance companies using COVID to deny benefits Insurance companies are terrible institutions for injured workers.  The COVID pandemic is a prime example. My fellow lawyers and I have noticed a trend of workers’ compensation insurance providers who are taking completely unreasonable and unethical positions during the COVID crises.  They know that the court…
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Stubborn and wrong is a costly combination

A month ago a client walked into the office to tell us about her recent dental procedure.  She arrived at her appointment expecting to have a root canal.  Turns out the dentist did everything but remove the root, yet she was billed for a full root canal.  Her oral pain was persistent, so she went…
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Client Wins 10 Times the Insurance Company’s Offer

We recently tried, appealed and won a work comp case for a wonderful client with a serious shoulder injury.  Below you will see the offer from the defense attorney.  He offered us $4,250.00.  After the appeals process was over we won $42,500.00 and payment of her medical bills.  We were confident we would win everything…
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