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When to hire a lawyer / Cuándo contratar a un abogado

Sometimes legal matters don’t necessarily require you to hire a lawyer. The trick is to know when you need a lawyer, and when you don’t. Sometimes getting this decision wrong can have unfortunate consequences. Recently I had a client who had attempted to negotiate an automobile injury claim on his/her own. The insurance company sent…
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To Tell The Truth / A decir la verdad

When we initially meet with clients we like to hear their versions of the facts. However, we also need to hear the whole story—the good, bad, and ugly. This helps us to prepare a winning strategy for your case. As a lawyer, one of the worst things that can happen is to discover unfavorable facts…
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Patience + confidence = $1.74 million / Paciencia + confianza = $1,740,000

The Law Office of Keith Short settled a case for $1.75 million. It settled 2 days before trial was to begin. A week before the defendant offered $100,000.00. We declined and refused to counter. Two days later the defense increased their offer to $500,000.00. Again, we refused to counter. Friday morning they upped their offer…
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