Jury selection is really Jury de-selection

In the most recent medical malpractice case tried in Missouri, Keith Short had sixteen juror members state that they could not be fair and impartial to his client. Those jurors were stricken for cause. Jury selection can really be considered jury "de-selection." The process of jury selection requires an attorney to try and figure out…
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Zealously argued case in the 4th District Appellate Court

Mr. Short argued a case in the Fourth District Appellate Court on behalf of his client, a former director of physical rehabilitation for a nursing home. As director of physical therapy, she was required to work part time as a therapist with the remainder of her time dedicated to managerial tasks, including scheduling, chart reviews,…
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The Missouri Supreme Court overturns caps on medical malpractice claims!

In a recent decision involving the constitutionality of caps on medical malpractice claims, the Missouri Supreme Court struck down the $350,000 limit on non-economic damages. The Court held that limits on damages violated citizens' rights to trial by jury by limiting a jury's ability to adequately compensate the injured person for his/her damages. The Missouri…
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