Binding Arbitration Receives Award of $79,500.00

Today we participated in binding arbitration for a car accident case. Our pre-arbitration demand was $90,000; their offer was $42,000. We received $37,500 more than the insurance companies “best and final offer.” We almost doubled their final offer. We’re are thrilled with the award. The client is overjoyed. She was calm, immensely likable, and very…
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Winning When Others Were Afraid to Try.

Keith Short and Associates has won a lot of workers’ compensation trials without writing blog entries.  This case deserves one, not because the team was successful, but because we tried a case that two other law firms declined. One of those firms had the case and had all the information we had but told the…
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Three times former jurors have asked me to represent them

Last year my firm tried a medical malpractice case in St. Clair County.  The outcome was very good for our client.  After the trial we received a lot of compliments from the jurors.  The biggest compliment came a few weeks later when one of the jurors in our case was in a car accident and…
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