Appealing A Workers’ Compensation Claim

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Many legitimate workers' compensation claims are denied by the employer's insurance company. We see it all the time. Mistakes on your application, failure to obtain the required proof of injury and many other reasons can lead to denial. An initial denial does not mean you are not entitled to benefits. We will continue to fight to ensure that we get you the benefits in which we believe you are entitled to.
We have handled thousands of workers' compensation claims. Every claim is unique in its own way. Some claims are appealed all the way up to the State Supreme Court. We have over two decades of experience in handling these claims.

How Do Workers' Compensation Appeals Work?

If we feel that an Arbitrator wrongfully decided your workers' compensation claim, your claim could include one or more of the following appeals:

Commission Appeal: A panel of members from the Illinois Workers' Compensation Board will review an arbitrator's decision to determine if you are in fact entitled to benefits.
Circuit court appeal: If the Commission determines that your claim was decided correctly by the arbitrator, we may appeal your claim to a court in the county where your injury occurred. This requires a showing that the denial was against the manifest weight of the evidence.
State Supreme Court: A circuit court decision may be brought before an appellate court. The State Supreme Court has the option to provide a final review, but it has final authority on whether it will hear your case.

Please note that if an Arbitrator does award in your favor, the employer also possesses the right to appeal.

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