"Great attorney. Very professional and still personable. You can tell that they really care."


I still think you are amazing. Watching you work was truly inspiring. You have your hands on YEARS of information and yet you can pull what is needed in literal seconds. Phenomenal! Thank you again. I know it seems crazy and probably not appropriate client/legal, but I really feel like I have made a friend regardless of the outcome. I SO appreciate all you have done and for understanding that I kind of hit the end of my endurance. I am grateful for your kindness.


It was amazing. All the details that were covered, the expert witness’ were excellent, Keith’s preciseness with everything, from the clear directness in the opening statement to cross-examination. You all work so well together and truly have an amazing gift.

Jerry (client),

Thank you for taking the time to look into my mother's records. Our family truly appreciates it. Given your assessment of the situation, we will not pursue getting a second opinion or a malpractice case. My mother trusts your judgment and wouldn't want our case handled by anyone else. And as you say, she has recovered remarkably well; with full use of her left arm, slight weakness in her left hand and her face symmetry is almost perfect. The doctors at the hospital remarked that if they didn't run tests on her no one would know she had a stroke. If you have your health, you have everything.

Let me know if there is anything we need to do with mother's records in your possession. Otherwise, I'll hope those with less fortunate outcomes continue to seek and utilize the guidance of you and your team.


Omar T.,