Monthly Archives: December 2017

Paralegal: Why I Love Where I Work

I have been in the field of law for over fifteen (15) years and can honestly say that this firm is unlike any other I have worked at.  The attorneys and legal staff take a personal interest in each and every client that comes through the door.  From the initial meeting until after settlement, the…
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A $600k trial that should never have happened.

This case perfectly illustrates why work comp lawyers are necessary:  Our client was injured in an explosion that threw him 15 feet backwards causing terrible back pain.  The employer rushed him to the ER.  The insurance company paid these bills and paid him benefits while he was off work.  In time they grew tired of…
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The 2% Truth about Lawsuits (and no, we’re not being 2% truthful)

It is the common belief that Americans are “lawsuit happy.” Lawyers and lawsuits bear the blame for many things in society. People won’t do certain things out of fear of “being sued.” The common perception that lawsuits are “out of control” regarding frequency is demonstrably false. In a recent book “The Myth of the Litigious…
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