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6 Things to Know Before your Deposition

1. Tell the truth. Telling the truth is not only morally wise but it will also help you during your deposition and in the possible subsequent trial. If jurors discover that you have lied about one thing, even a small thing, your entire credibility falls apart and winning a trial will be almost impossible.2. Know…
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FMLA and WC running concurrently; TTD v STD

TTD is a benefit check paid to an employee who is off work for a qualifying work comp claim. (66.6% of the employee's AWW (average weekly wage)). TTD benefits are not taxable.STD (short term disability) is a benefit check for an employee who is off work but for non-wc related reasons (i.e. has pneumonia). STD…
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Mr. Short retained by women’s health clinic

Mr. Short was recently retained by a women's health clinic. He was asked to represent them and possibly defend them in future litigation. Even after Mr. Short explained that his law office normally represents Plaintiffs, the health center still wanted Mr. Short's representation. 
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